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NEW Pink Pretty As A Pearl Coat

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Product Details

NEW PINK Pearl coat contains weather guard fabric and is fully lined on the inside to keep you warm! Features pearls on the front, back and sleeves with vegan fur on the bottom for a pristine, luxe, and classic finish. Coat is pink, comfortable, thick, and flattering on any size.

General purchase item. What’s different about our coat? See below:

1)There is a wind guard protector on the inside flap to block the breeze.

2)Coat has pearls all around the top (front, back, and sleeves) for a complete and finished look (not a half done look).

3)Coat is fully lined and made with quality fabrics to actually keep you warm.

4)Not only is our coat gorgeous, but it’s thick/heavy and functional.

Size Guide

Use the following guide to help you determine your size:

Small/Medium- appropriate for sizes 2/4/6

Large- appropriate for sizes 10/12

XL- appropriate for sizes 14/16

2X- appropriate for sizes 18/20

(Curvy 8 should size up and slim 8 should size down. 16 regular is XL, but size up if you are true 16 wide or very top heavy )

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